Hope and Glory


This  handmade tile is made with the passion of Hope!

The story of the red bird is that he never leaves.  The red bird, like a cardinal, stays through the summer and stays through the winter. He is not a migrating bird.  

One time I heard a christian recording artist in an interview tell how he told his son he is like that red bird.  He will never leave him, he will stay through all seasons.

 Well, let me tell you, I just  about choked up.  We all want someone we love to never leave us. And so I thought about our Father in heaven.  It’s like that.  He will never leave us or forsake us.  He told us in the Bible.  I believe that.  

I believe God has given me a gift to create and share these little creations with you all.  I believe that he has a plan for us and gives us many gifts but there are a few that are unique to just you. He has chosen you to do what ever it is because you can do that the best.  

And so he has appointed me to do this. To create whimsical, silly, fun, colorful art to make people smile.  If just that!… But not only that.  

When one takes a risk and follows what their heart is telling them or I prefer to say what the Holy  Spirit is telling me, then something amazing happens within your soul.  Maybe you begin to trust more, you take a risk and put your work, thoughts, ideas out there for the world to see.   Ideas come, and then you try to figure out what to do with all those ideas.   The important thing is to take the step,(leap of faith)  and do it.  Whether it be, art, writing, starting a shelter for women and children, what ever it is that God put in your heart, you MUST do it.  That’s how God made us.

If I can encourage just one person through this blog or through my art work then I feel I am accomplishing my Father’s desires.  Our Father’s desires is not that we live happy and comfortable lives but to live with passion in our hearts, be the best we can be,  to help others and always give him the glory.  It’s a challenge on some level but it becomes a way of life like no other.  And I choose to live a spirit filled life, Christ centered.  


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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing.


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