Another fabulous piece from Tucson pastel artist, Cindy Heirl.

Cindy Hierl's Art from Nature

Gettysburg ViewI saw this view last summer while we were visiting Gettysburg National Park.  The fence and the clouds are what first inspired me.  The buildings are the Abraham Trostle Farm. The 9th Massachusetts artillery battery made a stand around the Trostle Farm on July 2, 1863. There is a hole that you can see even in my painting where a Confederate artillery shell went through the bricks of the lower top part of the left most building, a barn.   I started this pastel painting  with several photographs and some great memories.  I’m happy with the results.

Gettysburg National Park is a beautiful place to get to know more about our history and learn about more courageous heroes.  The whole place was at the same time both larger and smaller than we imagined. Our country has had and still does have so many heroes.  What kind of world would it be if they were not needed?

Peace, Love and…

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