It’s Still A New Year and Do I have ADD?

Almost 3 months into 2015, spring is just about here, with tax season looming.  But it’s still a new year.

Being a one woman show it’s difficult to get to all aspects of running a business, especially being an artist, where I have to not only run the business but make the product too.  I am not complaining.  I would rather be doing this than working for some one else.  Always have.  I love being busy and somewhat under pressure because I actually do my best work when I have a deadline.  It’s usually at my busiest times where my creating designs begets more creative designs.

If you haven’t noticed by now I am not a production potter.  I have built quite a bit of inventory with many different designs. Do I have ADD?  Maybe a little.  I know I get bored if I do the same thing over and over.  So I like to break it up by making a bunch of spoon rests one day, detailed ornaments the next, in between creating a mosaic that may not be completed for several more weeks.  Is this the most efficient way to run a business, to make money.  Probably not. But I am really fast at the actual production, just ask my students.

This is the way God made me.  This is how I keep things alive, fun and most of all keep me excited about what I do.  And it shows.

I enjoy creating new designs rich with color and function, calling to the spirit with a bit of whimsy..  Everyone needs a little whimsy in their lives.  That’s what I tell people when they come into my booth.

So here is a photo update of what I am up to these days.  My recent booth set up at the Fountain Hills Show, Arizona.

Booth set up

Arched framed ‘Quail Mosaic’ 18″ x 31″  (finished on Wednesday, sold on Sunday!)

Quail Mosaic

‘2 Coyotes Singing’ Hand Painted/ Glazed tile with handmade bull nose tile frame.  21.5″ x 10″

double coyote mural 2

coyote mural close up

‘Welcome’ 12 x 12 mosaic with 3-d Door Tile.

Welcome Mosaic with 3-d door tile

‘Grace’ Garden mosaic with hummingbird  9″ x 12″

photo (26)

Some of these are not even on my Etsy site yet.  So if you are interested email me,

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