Rodeo Days

White horse

Thursday starts the Rodeo Days weekend.  I love Rodeo Days because it’s Arizona’s very own holiday.  Honoring cowboys and horses, everyone gets to dress in their western wear.  Kids are off from school for 2  days.  Years ago it was voted that Arizonans would trade presidents day for rodeo days.  (Sorry about that, Presidents Washington and Lincoln)  

It don’t know who’s idea it was but it was a good one.

And we can’t forget about Tucson’s very own  longest running, non-mechanical, horse driven parade in the country.  Or maybe the world.  Now there’s some bragin’ rights.   When my kids were little I took them.  It is fun for little kids and horse people.   Tucson’s Rodeo Parade is long and drawn out but humble and charming.  Everyone should go atleast once.  I do know the Mayor goes evey year, though.

So, how is Rodeo Days related to art?  I am glad you asked.

A gal by the name of Susan French, a Tucson artist, had a great idea, 4 years ago, to gather artists  and have an art show to battle the economic crisis that we were all in ( and many are still in).  It was a fantastic idea.  That Susan, she is a go getter, and she never gives up.

So, she gathered all the artists together and we had a show.  It was good.  Now 4 years later, it has grown and morphed into a yearly event that is taking root in our Tucson culture.   Last year’s event was fantastic.  It was held in the old Steinfeld Warehouse with great music, great food  and all kinds of wonderful art.    

The show is called Rodeo Days Arts Celebration.  It will be held this Sunday, Feb. 23, from11-7 at the Plaza Palomino.  


Susan has rounded up quite an event and it promises to be a great fun filled family day with local celebrities and great music.  

You have to come and support your local artists and kick back, enjoy the Rodeo Days.  Make sure you wear your cowboy hat and boots and your friends!

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