November is full of Art Shows and Awesomeness!

The first week of November is a time where we begin to look back and say ‘where did this year go?’, ‘Man, this year flew by.’ or ‘Stop the bus, I want to get off!’

But really, November is a time to reflect, be thankful and count the many blessings the Lord has bestowed on all of us in America.  After all Thanksgiving  is  an American holiday and an official time to be thankful.

Personally, I have received many joys, answered prayers and blessings, ( grand kids, family and friends). He has blessed me abundantly and I have been able to bless others because of that.  

I begin by saying, Thank You, to those of you who came and supported local artists at the Southwest Flair a Fair.  It was a fantastic show and so many lovely artists, like, and the buyers.  Also, Thank You to Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  They  did an amazing job at curating and really caring about the artists.  I was very impressed.  It’s a show I will do again, for sure!


I have 3 more shows to participate in….My next one is this weekend.  November 9 & 10, Saturday, 11-5 & Sunday 12-5.  

Tucson’s Open Studio Tour. 

I will be with my group, Creative Artist’s 4 Tucson at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 400 E University Blvd.  On the corner of 4th Ave. and University.  Right smack dab in the hub of things.  Our location is considered the Warehouse District. 

Stop in and say “Hello”, and do a little gift shopping and something for yourself too.


                                                              Wedding and Nativity Ceramic Pomegranate Ornaments



                                                             Ceramic Purple Cross with White Rose and Sparrows



                                                                  10″ Southwest Turquoise and Teal Bud Vase



                                                                Trio Set of Wrap Vases, Southwest Colors


And so it will be a rushed month for sure, but at the end is Thanksgiving.  I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with family, friends, peace, hope and joy.  Don’t forget the pumpkin Pie!

Call me if you are interested in ordering anything you see on my site.  520-882-8099

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