A Big Thank You!

Have a seat and enjoy the shady spot.
Have a seat and enjoy the shady spot.
20" square Wall Hanging Shadow box with floating butterfly surrounded with handmade tiles and vintage drawer pulls for a pho function.
20″ square Wall Hanging Shadow box with floating butterfly surrounded with handmade tiles and vintage drawer pulls for a pho function.
Garden Sculpture
Garden Sculpture

It’s been a week since the Tucson Open Studio Tour.  And I am just starting to feel normal again.  I needed the whole week just to do nothing but flop on the couch after work or go play with my grandkids or have tea with me girl friends.  It aint easy working 3 jobs (technically 2 but my studio work always feels like full time plus overtime).  I felt honored for those of you that came to my studio/ garden to view and purchase stuff.  It was a real success!  So thanks again for taking the time to come.

And now summer begins here in Tucson.  The outdoor craft shows are over for the summer and now I will focus on my online sales.  Hmmmm, summer in Tucson, again.  Someday I’m going to figure out how to have 2 places to live.  But in the meantime I am here and I am gardening and enjoying our beautiful spring weather while it lasts. 

Things to keep me in mind for is Mothers Day in May, wedding gifts and Fathers Day in June and don’t forget shower gifts.  I hope you all know I am open to custom designs.  As a matter o fact I have just signed up with CustomMade.com.  It’s a cool website that matches  “makers” with people who want custom designs.  Cool, huh?  They have an impressive website and they have had some good reviews.  I think it’s a wonderful idea matching artists with folks that don’t want their home, clothes, furniture, etc., to look like it came from Pottery Barn or Target. Not that there is anything wrong with that….did you ever see that Sienfeld episode?  I digress….and the fact that everything we buy now comes from China…grrrr. Don’t get me started.

I like making things that are unique and that makes my customers and my friends unique, (stylish and cool too!).

Here is a piece I just finished that now hangs in my garden. Butterfly Wall Hanging ceramic-ally sculpted with handmade tile and vintage brass drawer pulls. It has lovely purple hues and turquoise paisleys.  I may have a hard time letting this one go.  It’s already a favorite on Etsy.com.

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  1. Robin, I’m really glad for you that your Open Studio was so successful. Your garden is beautiful and your butterflies are fantastic! VERY Nice. Enjoy this beautiful spring and hope to see you soon. 🙂


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