A Summer Recap

While I am looking forward to the changing season I am reflecting on all that I have accomplished for the past three months.  My normal summers are fairly relaxed but because I am working towards building up my inventory while supporting myself by teaching pottery classes this summer has whizzed by.    I have really enjoyed teaching. It’s been 20 years since I taught and I hadn’t thrown any pots since 2001. 

Well it’s like an old hat.  Like riding a bike.  And I didn’t realize how much I missed it.  Years ago I designed much of my wares on the wheel but I made molds from them in order to  actually make money.  I stopped using the wheel all together and sold it.  The last time  I moved I noticed that most of my pottery had either been broken or chipped and I found myself wishing I had my ol’ potter’s wheel back.    I felt like God had secretly answered my prayers when I was asked to teach at the Tucson Clay Co-op for the summer. 

Summer bowls of 2012

Of course I had to practice so I was eager to get started.  So I made some fun stuff.  But most of all I enjoyed hanging out with other clay people who loves clay as much as I do.  I liked watching other people’s process and how they start out on the wheel.  It is a risk and takes a bit of faith to even vision oneself making a pot on a wheel that spins.   Watching my students brought me back to the days at Pima College where I learned.  I told them the story of how I was so frustrated at times that I would leave the class in tears.   But needless to say I persevered!   

 At the Co-op,  summer classes have ended.  I  am now developing a clay program for Senior  Living resorts, elderly and wheel chair bound communities.  This is where I and my team come to the club house or a community patio for a clay class or a ceramic decorating party.    We are  still in the developing  stages so stay tuned for more information.  I believe it will be super fun activity for those who can’t get out.  We come to them.  Convenient and fun!  If anyone had any input on that I welcome suggestions.

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