Hello September

This piece titled “Be Fruitful” is my motto in the coming year!  I am all about creating beauty, tapping into my resouces and making it happen in all avenues of my life.  Hey, it’s a real struggle during these uncertain times but I encourage friends, family and people though out my day to do the same.  I like seeing others succeed.  It’s inspiring to hear stories of young and old overcome the struggles in their lives and how they rise above.  That is the American way!  I am so thankful to God that I am able to do do what I love every day.  Whatever it is, design, teach, help my daughter and grandkids, sell, sing and praise God!  I love it!

I am just beginning this blog and it’s a tool that will help me to show my art work and also be able to inspire others.  So I am hoping you will help me by passing this link along to your friends so they can be inspired too. I am very open to suggestions and critiques.  I am a seasoned artist so I don’t get offended too easily and I often consider what others have to say about my work.  Mainly because, being somewhat of an introvert…oh I have to be, to get anything done, ya know, it goes along with designing and creating.  It can be lonely at times.  But I must create!

Also you can click onto my Etsy shop to view and purchase items you may not see in here. Thanks Ya’ll!


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