Donkey in the Desert

(Shadow Box)

Inspired by the burros I would see on the streets of Mexico City for tourist to take photos.

This is a charming capture of a lowly Benny the burro and his best friend Cardi.

It is times like this the desert can be hot and dry with a longing for cooler temps. But this dressed up donkey endures with Cardi by his side.

Even with the heat, the desert still has color. He would be an adorable addition to your collection of art and bring joy for years to come.

This small sculpture is ready to hang on a wall or displayed with an easle.

Donkey in the Desert Shadow Box

Donkey in the Desert

Small Sculpture ceramic shadow box, 3-d hand sculpted wall art or sit on a pedestal. Measures 7" x 7" Price includes shipping, tax and insurance, ships in 3-5 days. In stock.